Published on Aug 21, 2020

Pink Wood Background Images

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Pink Ivory is an exotic wood native to Southern Africa, and is one of the most rare and beautiful woods in the world. It is a very hard wood, strong and stiff, with a fine texture. Although difficult to work with hand tools, Pink Ivory is excellent for wood turning and carving. It finishes extremely well to a high polish.

Pink ivory was the royal tree of the Zulu people and only members of the royal family were allowed to possess it until the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. Before the Anglo-Zulu War, the Zulu king (and prior to 1818, Zulu chiefs) would possess a pink ivory knob kerry, a stick with one end a knob, and wear jewelry that were also made from pink ivory.

According to rumor, non-royals who possessed the wood would summarily be put to death. After Zululand fell to the British and was separated into 13 separate “kinglets” in 1883, all vying to retake control of what was once theirs precedent to the onset of apartheid, the pink ivory wood became much less important a sign of control than genuine control could be.


The pink ivory tree produces a yellow, brownish, reddish, or purplish drupe fruit that is delicious to taste. Other parts of the tree have been used traditionally as remedies and medicines.

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