Published on May 2, 2017

Popcorn White Background Images

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Popcorn is an awesome food. It’s very interesting and has always enjoyed for its thrilling pop, as well as excellent and varied tastes. Popcorn has always been one of the main components of the theater crowd’s gear.

Popcorn contains about 4 grams of dietary fiber for every 4 cups of popped corn. Most Americans consume only half the recommended daily dose of fiber, which is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Adequate dietary fiber does not help you stay regular, but can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering blood cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels.

The health benefits of popcorn stem mainly from bouncing fibers, polyphenolic compounds, antioxidants, vitamin B complex, manganese, and magnesium. Let’s look at how these important nutrients make popcorn a healthy choice for breakfast habits!


While ordinary popcorn is full of health benefits, a cry for convenience and Palatine Americans led to the addition of unhealthy “extras.”

  • Microwave popcorn is usually packed with unhealthy oils, other additives, and much more calories.
  • Kettle corn and caramel corn provide high doses of sugar.
  • Cheddar and other flavored types of popcorn include not only artificial flavors but also harmful fats and other additives.
  • Lightly season with sea salt and a very small amount of butter, if you can not eat otherwise.

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