Published on Jul 21, 2018

Pram White Background Images

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A pram is a baby transport, designed as a four-wheeled carriage and pushed by a person. The short form of the British word “perambulator”, the pram is also known as a baby carriage. The pram comes with a soft flat bottom, makes resting and lying down a comfortable for your sleeping baby. The shelter, which provides half the cover for carriage, protects the child from heat and dust during his outings. The design with wheels ensures the convenience of transportation.

Types of Prams

Different types of prams are available on the Internet. When buying a baby stroller it is important to know the different features of each type. Designed in a traditional style, 3 in 1 pram can be used as a carrycot, pushchair and car seat. The new versions of the 3-in-1 prams are equipped with a removable pram seat. Therefore, the pram can become a system for moving with a car seats.


The 2 in 1 prams are ideal for newborns, because they have a compact design. The body of the pram is usually flat to provide comfort to the newborn, but with the growth of the child the pram can be converted into a stroller, so that the child can sit on it. Most 2-in-1 prams can easily be converted to a travel system by adding a car seat to the chassis.

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