Published on Dec 24, 2019

Psychedelic Background Images

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What produces the psychedelic experience? What is it based on that the experience of the existence changes when one is under the influence of a psychoactive agent? Why is it that the psychedelic experience causes the sense that they enhance creativity? Why do the psychoactive substances make an individual feel that it is a learning experience? These are the main questions that are related to value-relative support on the use of psycho-active substances, these are the issues that support the existence of a psychedelic mind.

My analysis concerning the psychedelic experience won’t be prejudged, although the heading itself contains a sense of the presence of a prejudgment. The heading is the conclusion of my analysis, based on the fact that the experiences and knowledge received through the psychedelic experiences are useless for the society as well as for the individual. If you feel hearted for the use of the psychedelic substances, this may come to you as an insult, but truths expressed in this paper will manifest why the psychedelic mind contains no deeper purposes, no deeper meanings, not any secrets of the existence revealing properties, but sensations that have no value for the non-altered dynamics of the sub-consciousness, and produce knowledge that are even harmful for the information driven continuum of mankind in the collective level.

The experience of life is more than just the molecular basis of our existence, and we can gain higher value of existence through for example ethics, heroism, existentialism, and actions that manifest love. As our experience of life is information-relative, and representational, if I for example perceive myself in fantasane Faustian context saying myself that “With the power of my words, I conquered the Universe”, I may perceive myself in a fantasized collective purpose par excellence, perceive how my words could alter the information driven continuum of mankind, how my ways of thought could become a permanent part of the collective consciousness, experiencing the memic combinatory evolution, wherein I myself would exist as the logical connector, although my body through which I receive my awareness would have seized to exist, I myself as a soul existing unaware, but not in nothingness.


The representational context in our awareness is again based on the dynamics of our sub-consciousness, the logical connections made naturally by the collective of my neurons, whose interrelations produce the contents of the environment in the form I will perceive it after the content generative cycle, of which entities I can thereafter consciously valuate, define and determine their causes and purposes. And as I haven’t altered the dynamics of my sub-consciousness by the use of psychedelic substances, changing the chemical balance in my brains, if you have enough units of information to decode my thoughts from the words and the logic uniting the representations of the words to another representation, higher in the information space hierarchy, then you may understand what I’m talking about in the fantasane example above and continue from there on the valuation cycle we may collectively produce.

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