Published on Aug 20, 2020

Pug Background Images

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The pug is a type of dog with a wrinkly face. It also has a curled tail, and pug puppies are called puglets. The pug has a square, muscular body with a large head, big eyes, and small ears. They have often been described as multum in parvo, which means “much in little”, referring to the pug’s character and size. Pugs came originally from Taiwan, but they became popular in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Pugs are often liked most for their curly tails, compact body, a deep chest, and strong muscles. There are two different types of a Pug’s ears, “rose” and “button”. “Rose” ears are smaller than the “button” ears and are folded up instead of on the side of the head. Most people prefer “button” style Pugs. Pugs have strong, straight legs and laid back shoulders. Their feet are not as large as a hare’s foot, but they are not as round as that of a cat, either. They have toes that are split up perfectly, and their nails are all black. The lower teeth normally grow farther out than the upper teeth, so they meet in an under-bite.

The pug is very strong-willed, but does not act aggressively unless provoked to a high degree. Pugs are well kept for families with children. They can be quiet and nice but also funny according to the owner’s mood. They are also good at guarding the house.


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