Published on Aug 25, 2020

Purple Universe Background Images

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Since time immemorial the color purple has been associated with royalty. The olden times dye of purple paint was very costly and unaffordable. Hence it was used sparingly. Thus the use was seen only in royal families and merchants who had good financial position in society. Paintings made by using purple color have general feelings of royalty, spirituality and enlightenment.

Violet color or purple as it is commonly called is rare in nature. This color is associated with mysticism, clairvoyance and idealism. colors found in nature have a universal appeal, whereas colors rarely found, like the violet color, the symbolism depend upon the cultural and contemporary contexts and individual preferences. We see many artists who are spiritually inclined using this color more frequently. Though not all shades and hues of purple are appealing it is still universally accepted as the color of Kingship and royalty.

Purple color has the stability of the blue and the energy of the red color. It is used to symbolize power, luxury, nobility, royalty and ambition. It also represents wealth, wisdom and dignity. Paintings on themes of spirituality, fantasy and motivational themes would appropriately use purple combined with other colors to bring out the symbolic meanings. According to general appeal light purple often termed liliac is a feminine choice whereas the brighter part is good for children’s category.


Since purple is rarely found in nature and is a costly paint the use is limited to small quantities. Artists who are spiritual and like to do symbolic works frequently tend to use violet and its shades and hues. It is the combination of colors that triggers our senses. Whatever the symbolisms of purple, always remember, our reaction depends on our experiences and personal likes and color preferences.

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