Published on Mar 15, 2017

Quad Bike White Background Images

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Quad bikes are very good vehicles, but also dangerous at the same time. Quad bike insurance is that all riders should consider buying, especially if they want to take it on the road. Therefore quad-bike security is an important issue that must be written about in as many accidents and ATV accidents occur. Contrary to what you might have heard because the quad bike has a set of headlights and indicators making the quad bike legally able to ride on the road. Manufacturers of ATVs have twigged to this misunderstanding and started producing ATVs with these things, but don’t be caught out!

It does not matter if you have a small 50cc or 250cc engine great, they all seem to have the feel and appearance of legal road bikes. This can shock some people that almost 75% of the quads sold in the UK does not have any documentation that would allow them to allowed on the road legally. If this is you, then you should restrict the use of ATVs only to private land.

It does not matter if you use your ATV for road or off-road good entertainment, you need to make sure that you perform even the basic maintenance on it.


If you are thinking about a legal ATV riding on the road, it has tires that are authorized for use on the road. How do you know if they are legal? There will be the British Standards Institute Kite Mark or less CE Mark on them. If any of them can be found on tires, then they are not a legitimate road and are considered tires off the road. However, if the bike is paid and you buy it, the new tires can now be acceptable. The legal documentation of the ATV will confirm this for you if you are concerned.

When looking at buying a new or used ATV, there are a few things that you need to know, or should be carefully analyzed as part of the buying process. Even if it is found to be compatible, ATV purchase insurance is also a good idea because you cover costs incurred by injury and/or damage. If all the items listed above are respected, you should have years of safe, but very fun going before you!

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