Published on Apr 19, 2017

Quince White Background Images

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Quince is a relative of the pear and apples. Trees grew around the Mediterranean and in Asia for more than four thousand years, making it one of the earliest known fruits. This fruit was discovered by ancient Greek troops in Iran and Asia and brought to Greece. Today, quince grew up on the Greek island of Crete. Quince is also available today in the US, the Middle East and Latin America. Quince in West Asia is juicy and softer than in the United States.

Quince varies in different regions and in a cold climate, the fruit is in rich golden color, has an intoxicating aroma and has a firm shape. The rind is rough and the flesh is hard. In a hot climate, however, fruits can be eaten raw and woolly rind is not there. Quince is often used to make marmalade because of its tart and astringent taste.

Quince is great for baking, poaching or cooking to make dessert recipes. They can be stewed with meat, because a large number of tannins found in quinces help to soften the meat.


Quince is known as membrillo in Spanish and is prepared in a solid red paste called dulce de membrillo in Spain, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico. It is served with manchego sandwiches with cheese or crackers. There is a similar dish in Hungary, as well as in Portugal.

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