Published on Jul 23, 2017

Racing Car White Background Images

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4 Mind Blowing Formula One Racing Car Facts:

1. The exhaust system of Formula One becomes hot enough to melt aluminum

It can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, while aluminum melts at a temperature of 660 degrees. As a result, it is made of exotic metals so expensive that an average road car costs less than a set of F1 tailpipes.


2. Power on the shaft in Monaco have to be welded down before the race of Formula 1, or the cars will suck them up.

Formula F1 at high speeds creates an enormous amount of vacuum under its floor so that it sucks to the ground. Potentially loose manhole cover, which is a huge problem.

3. The average pit stop on the F1 circuit is less than three seconds

By the time you read the above fact, the driver parked the car and was jacked up nearly two dozen boys changed the four wheels, and the car was off and running again.

4. Tons of racing cars can ride upside down

The amount of downforce generated by an open wheel car will vary depending on what the league race (among others), but often exceeds the weight of the vehicle. In other words, after reaching a certain speed, it can run drive upside down… if necessary.

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