Published on Apr 19, 2017

Radish White Background Images

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Radish makes a very satisfactory crop because they grow much faster. It is a member of the family of mustard and is associated with cabbage, horseradish, and turnips. Healthy radish is hard to the touch and has a bright reddish color with green leaves, which is perfect for making juice. Radish is a winter vegetable, considered to be a cruciferous vegetable, which is one of the most useful plants, including ginger, trout, celery root, onion, and garlic.

Nutritional Benefits of Radish

  • Stimulation of appetite
  • High in fiber
  • Main source of vitamin A, complex B, and C
  • It contains phosphorus, zinc, folic acid, and potassium
  • Help maintain the health of the gallbladder and liver
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Aids with digestive problems, kidney infections, and jaundice
  • Removes mucus and relieve a headache

Tips for harvesting and cooking radish:

  • Radish can be eaten raw or pickled.
  • They add a nice crunchy texture to the stir-fried dish.
  • Try steamed or saute the young radish leaves with an equal amount of spinach or add flowers and leaves to a salad.
  • Radish greens contain more vitamin C than the root.
  • Harvest a radish as soon as they grew. Do not let them grow too long; they will be tough and tasteless.
  • Keep in areas of 40 degrees, they will last up to two months

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