Published on Mar 15, 2017

RAM White Background Images

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RAM is an abbreviation for “Random Access Memory” and is usually calculated in megabytes and gigabytes. The RAM chip is a module that contains fresh access to information so that the central processing unit can access it. This is faster than reading from the hard drive and provides easy access to recently stored data, information, and files. This means that all programs must be managed by RAM before they can be used.

There are two main types of RAM, namely Dynamic RAM, and Static RAM. Dynamic RAM is called so because it must be constantly updated by the memory controller. The reason is that refreshes capacitors that hold information or data have a built-in leak that can be stopped only by updating the data thousands of times per second. This makes dynamic RAM-slow and cumbersome compared to Static RAM.

Static RAM is a kind of random access memory that has a large storage capacity because it uses a switch instead of capacitors. However, static RAM is more expensive compared to dynamic RAM, since it occurs faster, and can contain more information.


As a rule, advanced versions of dynamic RAM are used instead of using static RAM due to its high price. These versions include FPM (fast page mode), ECC (error correction code), Edo (extended data output), and SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM). The ECC memory is a special error correction RAM, which is usually used in servers.

EDO RAM, or extended RAM data output, is an improvement over traditional FPM RAM. The data can be read faster and the length of time that the output really lengthens, which improves the time coordination between the CPU and RAM, thereby improving performance.

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