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Raspberries are family members of roses come in different colors, except red. There are black, purple and golden raspberries, all of which have an intensely sweet taste that can be used in a variety of delicious dishes. And not the only Raspberry is a delicious fruit, they are filled with full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help improve your overall health.

Raspberries is High in Fiber

One single raspberry contains about one-third of the daily dose of dietary fiber. There are many reasons why foods high in fiber are healthy. Fiber helps in the process of digestion, promotes the regularity of the intestine and keeps the gastrointestinal tract clean. Studies show that a high diet in fiber can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer. The best part is that the fiber takes a lot of time to digest, so this raspberry will make you feel fuller longer.


Vitamin C

You will find about half of the recommended dose of vitamin C in a serving of raspberry. The body can not produce vitamin C alone and do not store it. However, vitamin C is essential for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body and is one of many antioxidants that block some of the damages caused by free radicals. You need an uninterrupted supply of vitamin C in your diet for normal growth and development.

Raspberries Comes with Natural Sugar

Despite the fact that raspberries contain only about 53 calories per serving 100 grams, calories are mostly derived from sugars. But experts say that natural sugars in raspberries are much better for your body than artificial and processed sugars. Natural sugars are synthesized into glucose, which the body uses in the brain and body cells to charge the metabolic processes.

Raspberries Contain Manganese

Only one cup of raspberries will find almost two-thirds of the daily recommended intake of dietary manganese. Manganese is a trace element that is found in small amounts in the body. Manganese helps the body to form components of the coagulation bone, sex hormones, and connective tissue. Nutritional also is important for normal brain and nerve function. Experts say that manganese can help prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, premenstrual syndrome, diabetes, and epilepsy.

Raspberries is a Good Source of Vitamin A

Vitamin A increases immunity against infections, helps with vision in low light conditions and keeps the skin and mucous membranes of healthy body parts. One cup of raspberries contains about 4% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.

Raspberries is a Great Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K works to prevent calcification in the arteries, promotes blood clotting, protects bones from fractures, prevents bruising and provide a certain level of protection against liver cancer and prostate cancer. One cup of raspberries contains about 10% of your RDA Vitamin K.

Raspberries Great Source of Minerals

Minerals are needed for three main reasons – to make strong bones and teeth, control the body fluids inside and outside the cell, and transform the food we eat into energy. The need for minerals in the form in which they are present in food. Fortunately, raspberries are an excellent source of copper, iron, and magnesium

Raspberries are sometimes expensive to buy in stores, but they are very easy to grow if you give them a sunny or partially shaded place with well-drained soil. Raspberry can be used in various dishes, from simple snacks to delicious dressings and a perfect pudding!

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