Published on Mar 27, 2017

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Rats were not always been the fun, colorful, striped small pets that we see or own today. There are many different types, and they can be found more or less all over the world. They play an important role in the history and religion worldwide, and today’s modern society too.

Rats are the rodents of the Muroidea family. As rodents, their teeth grow continuously, and they need to gnaw things on a regular basis to prevent teeth from overgrowing and causing painful head injuries. They are not picky about what is tearing, they can even gnaw the concrete and steel, and it is believed that the bite pressure is 7000lbs per square inch.

Many rodents and small mammals are described as rats, although they are not “a real rat, for example, they include the North American Pack Rat and the Kangaroo Rat.” True rat is those that come under the genus Rattus Latin; the most common of these are the Black Rat – Rattus Rattus and a brown rat – Rattus Norvegicus. These two rats are the most famous and the most important to humans. The Black Rat is timider and less noticeable compared to the brown rat. This is mainly due to Brown Rat driving out the Black Rat taking over its habitat and compete for its food.


Rats are different from mice by their size; mice are usually smaller and lighter. This is not an accurate way to determine a class, as some rats may have the characteristics of mice and vice versa. When new types of standard classifications are discovered, it can be confusing.

Brown rats come from Asia in the grass of the land of China. They began to spread throughout Europe in 1553 and arrived in the United States in 1775 after hiding and traveling on cargo ships. Black rats arrived in the UK long before the brown rat, although no specific data at the right time.

Today, the rat is opportunistic and lives close to people, often in their homes! This leads to the fact that they are classified as pests. One pair of rats can produce up to 300 young every year, in many places have become over-saturated with mischievous little creatures.

Most people do not understand that rats are much more complex and interesting than describing them. They live in colonies that contain complex hierarchies where they form deep bonds, often risking their lives to save family and friends. They are very social, very intelligent and have psychological traits very similar to a person.

Rats spread all over the world and were worshiped in many cultures. Although in the Western world, they are still frowned upon, probably because of their relationship with the plague.

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