Published on Aug 28, 2018

Refill Ink White Background Images

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Refillable ink cartridges refer to cartridges that can be recycled manually when the ink content is low. Refilling is good for the environment and can save you without spending too much on new cartridges. Although you can usually refill the cartridge about 8 up to 10 times, the number of times you can refill depends on the cartridge to cartridge. Ultimately, this can mean that a lot of money will be saved.

Always fill the cartridge before drying it. If the cartridge is dry, you must immediately refilled it. Otherwise, the ink may dry out and possibly block the print head. Only if the ink cartridge of the printer is dry, there are sellers who sell the refurbished cartridges. They can be refilled up to 8-10 times. While taking prints, streaking often indicate that ink is running low in the cartridge. You can make out which colors are running at a low level, and they need to be refilled by making a test printout.

Many people fear that refilling the ink cartridge will cancel the warranty on the printer. This is completely wrong and unreasonable. Under federal law, the use of a refilled ink cartridge or a refilled cartridge does not cancel the warranty.


You should always hand with care inkjet cartridges. Nozzles for ink cartridges should not be touch with hands. If you need to remove the cartridge from the printer and shelve it off for a certain period of time, gently seal it into the air tight sealed container to avoid drying the ink in the nozzles.

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