Published on Dec 24, 2016

Repeater White Background Images

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The main difference between a wireless repeater and wireless bridge is simply extends the network as a bridge connects with two networks simultaneously. Each client bridge links computers. Wireless repeater connects routers. These simple definition just does not cover what they do, and why you need them, so read on for more information.

Wireless repeater is a device that creates an access point, which bounces off a wireless signal to the main router. This increases the wireless signal range. For example, if the access point is on one side of your home and want to use the network on the other side, but the signal is weak or absent, simply create a wireless repeater on the edge of the scope of your first access point. Thus, a wireless signal propagates.

Are bridges, repeaters, routers, and wireless antenna compatible with each other? This does not always mean the same brand, but it’s probably a good idea. Some of the equipment only to be able to transmit and receive signals to other devices of the same type, for example, bridges with bridges. Look carefully at the product you are buying, and make sure that it is compatible with your router and if it offers the repeater mode. Check the mobile antenna, the external connector and multiple Ethernet ports. And make sure that there is a point-to-point and multi-point nodes. Make sure that the boundaries between devices will cover the distance you need it in the place you want to setup it in.


It is important to fully understand how to create an optimal service network across all devices and the Internet in your home or business with routers and repeaters. The right setup enabling smooth and fast communication within the network and the Internet. It will also provide a secure connection to transfer data and files on your network and the Internet.

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