Published on Oct 14, 2018

Rhino White Background Images

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The rhinoceros, abbreviated as Rhino, is the name used for this uneven-toed ungulate, which is in the Rhinocerotidae family. There are two five living species in this family and Two of which are in Africa. These two are residents of East and Central Africa in countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In addition, it is also referred to the Square-lipped Rhinocero, the white rhino is not physically white in color, and the same applies to the black rhino/the Hook-lipped Rhinoceros is not black in color. They are all grayish and whitish.

The name white comes from the description form “wyd”, which means “wide” in terms of its wide, square silence. Then the black rhinoceros was was named so to distinguish it from the white rhino.

The black rhino is completely gray, and they flounder in ditches of water to cover themselves with dirt, which makes them look darker. The black rhinoceros, although they like to play in muddy waters, drink clear water and every day go to the same sports of clean water everyday.


The black rhino is now endangered and can be easily found in East Africa. It is a mammal that grows to 14 feet in length and 4.5 feet in height and weighs over 3,850 pds. They have thick skin about 5 cm with three fingers on each leg. The most recognizable of the two prominent horns, consisting of millions of tightly compacted hair, such as fibers, the black rhino is a herbivore that is difficult to deal with as it feeds on thousands of plants.

The hook-lipped rhinoceros, who is known to be so antagonistic, usually attacks with panic, confusion and fear, and this is due to their poor sight, which they charge in case of feeling sense of danger. Strange, but true rhinos are not too antagonistic to other animal species, but it’s just a fake kind of antagonism. He must be aggressive, but not to fight with other types of animals. Male rhinos fight with their horns, and therefore males tend to avoid each other.

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