Published on Jun 18, 2018

Rose White Background Images

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Rose is not only the most favorite flower in the world, but also the color that is representation of love. Did you know that a rose is edible, can live very long, is mentioned in the Bible and is an excellent source of vitamin C. Roses come in different and magnificent colors that attract most people. Roses can be easily found in almost all parts of the world.

Today we consider the red rose a reliable symbol of love and romance, but it has a more energetic meaning. Greek and Roman mythology connect the red rose with the goddess of love. Thus, the red rose becomes not only a symbol of love and faithfulness, but also of passion and a desire.

Why Rose are so Popular?


Roses are popular because they are the most beautiful flower in the world. Today they are the favorite plants of most varieties. Even if the generation and age pass, the rose will still be the most beautiful. It is a sign of love, and nothing can replace this real beauty. Whether it’s a party, a date, an anniversary, a wedding or a dinner, people always prefer a bouquet of beautiful red roses. There is no better gift.

Roses are given as gifts as a symbol of love and beauty. They are so beautiful that they need special care, which makes them blossom with bold and jaw-dropping colours.

Most species of roses are broad-leaved, with several species belonging to the group of evergreen plants. Most roses form shrubs or grow as they climb over different vegetation.

The color of the rose depends on the species. Roses can be found in different shades of white, yellow, pink, orange and red. Blue and black roses do not exist.

Roses can live very long. There are open pink fossils that date back to 35 million years. A large rose bush that covers the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany has existed for more than a millennium.

Rose is the most popular flower in the world, followed by other flowers, such as chrysanthemums, tulips, lilies, poinsett, narcissus and others.

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