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Royal Chair Background Images

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When you sit on a chair, do you ever think about where chairs came from? The truth is that seating came about thousands of years ago. In the past, this item that we consider an ordinary everyday item was used as a sign of dignity. In the 16th century, people finally started using chairs as every day seating items.

Today people have many options when it comes to purchasing one of these. They can go with a new item, a used item, or in antique item. Many people prefer the retro versions, classic versions, or even centuries old antiques over the newer ones. The older ones usually have a history attached, and can be much sturdier than the ones sold on the market today. If you decide that you need a new chair or chair set, you have the option of going with chaise lounges, rockers, a recliner, one that folds up, and more! Some people prefer antique queen ann seating in their living room, while others prefer a comfy new leather armchair. No matter what your preference is, you are bound to find the perfect one for your home and personal preferences.

These items have come a long way over the past few centuries. The first Egyptian versions were for the rich, and were made of ivory and ebony. Can you imagine sitting on that? These items from the medieval times were usually made of stone or wood, doesn’t that some comfortable? Luckily, we have the seat cushions of today and the comfy padded versions. Even our outdoor seating is padded and comfortable. Many antique English chairs had woven rattan like seating, much different from our cotton stuffed seats today.


Every home you visit will have chairs in almost every room. We rely on them for seating and comfort. People sit in chairs while eating dinner, playing cards, talking on the phone, watching TV, enduring many other activities. Some people even sleep in chairs. These items have a rich history, and have come quite far from where they were centuries ago. To view some of the centuries old versions in person, visit your local art or history museum. While you cannot sit in one featured in a museum, you can see that they were made more for looks than for comfort.

From the ground to the carpet to the stone to the stool to the chair, the exact date the first chair was crafted is shrouded in the fog of history. The most ornate chairs in antiquity were reserved for the landed gentry and royalty. In medieval Europe, the Church fathers and royals enjoyed elaborate chairs, neigh thrones. The flourishing of craftsmanship during the Renaissance saw the dissemination of chairs for public consumption.

The chairs in ancient Egypt were quite ornate. They were finely carved wooden chair with inlaid ivory and obsidian designs. The Greeks equally enjoyed the comforts of the chair, as did the Roman. During the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) in China, the sedan chair was developed to keep the nobles from having to walk to their destinations. These sedans were carried by slaves on their shoulders.

The chairs of medieval Europe could be quite beautiful. The Chair of Dagobet, cast from bronze, is on display at the Louvre Museum. During the Renaissance, chairs seem to have been crafted solely for the sake of comfort. They were stuffed with down and fabrics and were marketed for mass consumption, at least among the growing middle class.

The rocking chair, in contrast to the foggy origins of the chair itself, was created circa 1740 in Sweden. It was crafted with six legs and was referred to as the “Gungstol,” which simply means “rocking chair.” In England, during the same year, the Windsor Rocker was made. This rocker had spindles on the sides and back and had 4 legs connected to the rockers.

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