Published on Dec 28, 2016

Samsung TV White Background Images

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Are you searching for exceptional picture quality and an amazing experience at home? Now the dream of a perfect picture quality is a reality thanks to the new line of Samsung LED TVs comes in 4k resolutions. Samsung has taken it to the next level with this new type of HDTV technology. All models of Samsung LED TVs have 4 HDMI inputs and 1080p and 3840×2160 resolution pixels.

Samsung most advanced HDTV technology is contained in a razor thin shape. Samsung LED TVs only 1.2 inches deep, which is considered the thinnest TV to date. This exclusive design makes it easy for anyone to hang their TV on the wall.

Samsung LED TVs offer a great color and sharp images thanks to a new LED lighting system. You don’t have to try motion blur more because these new LED televisions have the auto motion plus feature that provides a soft motion images. Unlike KCD TVs, LED-TVs offer deep black levels, accurate colors and good detail in the shadows.


Another important feature that makes the new line of LED-TVs Samsung so special is the amount of energy they save. Thanks to the new LED backlight technology, these new TVs use 40% less energy than LCD TVs. Samsung sure that these TVs are environmentally friendly, and they have achieved this by removing harmful substances such as mercury and lead. These TVs require less packaging materials and efficient transportation due to the ultra-thin design.

Samsung has taken it to the next level with new types of TVs. You can see that clearly in their design and image quality.

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