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Sandpiper White Background Images

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Common Sandpiper is one of the species of birds belonging to the family of sandstone. This occurs in the temperate and subtropical regions of Europe and Asia. Climate change and habitat destruction are a big threat to the survival of common sandstones in the wild.

The upper parts of the body (head, back, and upper chest) are covered with gray-brown plumage and dark stripes. The lower part of the body is white. Wings have a noticeable white strip, which is visible only in flight.

Common Sandpiper spends a lot of time on the ground. The head and back of the body are constantly moving while walking or eating on the ground. This unusual behavior is known as “teetering.”


The common sandpiper has a difficult winged flight style. Its flight consists of fast, shallow-water beats, combined with short resistance. Usual sandpiper often fly close to the surface of the earth or the water surface.

Sandpiper gathers food from the ground. It Usually searches food on rocky edges of rivers and nearby grasslands and meadows.

Male plays an important role in caring for parents, incubate the eggs and care for the young. One female can lay eggs to four different males at a time.

Common sandpiper can survive up to 12 years in the wild.

Scientific name: Scolopacidae
Higher classification: Scolopaci
Rank: Family
Mass: Common snipe: 80 – 140 g, Eurasian woodcock: 310 g, Jack snipe: 33 – 73 g Encyclopedia of Life
Length: Common snipe: 25 – 27 cm, Jack snipe: 18 – 25 cm

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