Published on Jan 11, 2020

Scary Background Images

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Do you want to get into a spooky mood and are lacking your normal scary inspiration, a spooky environment or just a sixth clairvoyant sense, then the scary online world could work as a great source for you and your friends. Most of the scary sites online offers you a great variety of spooky phenomenon, such as ghost stories, trailers of scary movies, unexplained spooky photos, scary games and lots more things to set the mood perfect for a Halloween night or just a clock’s 12 o’clock strike.

The most famous scary web phenomenon that hit the online market a few years back was the Scary Maze Game. With a wild popularity in form of YouTube videos showing us the players’ reactions and fright levels while playing the game, makes this one of the most searched after games to date. For you who haven’t played it yet stop reading this article now not to spoil your reactions, for you who are too scared, keep on reading. The plot of the game is to control a small dot with mouse movements through a maze to reach goal without “touching” the walls. This is quite hard and requires your fullest attention and concentration. When you reach goal a photo jumps out on you picturing a very scary looking possessed girl together with a loud scream that makes you jump out of your own skin. You can just imagine how hilarious it is to be watching other peoples’ reactions.

Other scary game genres to look out for are Zombie Games, Halloween Games and certain types of Escape Games. Zombie Games are probably the most popular one to choose from if you want something scary. These games are usually structured with you as the last living human being in the town you’re in and everybody else have been affected by some unidentified virus that has killed them and then turned them into Zombies. These living dead creatures are after your flesh as well and are famous for eating human brains.


Before going to your local video rental place it’s worth checking out trailers of some of the top lists favourite scary movies of all time in order to understand which movie will suit you and your friends best as a fright magnet. Some of the top names of scary movies ever made are: “The Shining” with Jack Nicolson, The “Psycho” series and the more modern “The Ring”.

Another brilliant and probably most effective way to make you scared is to read about ghost stories based on true events. There are many stories that just don’t have a logical explanation and I’m sure that many of the readers of this particular article have been experiencing a supernatural encounter as well, which make it easier to believe other peoples’ stories.

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