Published on Aug 10, 2019

Scenery Background Images

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The scenery in a country area is the land, water, or plants that you can see around you. The Scenery is a word for how a place looks, especially a beautiful, open place. Also the scenery is a fake background in the play.

If you go to a place with mountains, beautiful trees and a magnificent sky, then here you can see a beautiful nature which is known as scenery. scenery is what you can see from the outside. If the place is simple, ugly or empty, you can say, “Not a lot of nature.” Also, artists and decorators create sets for plays. In a theater, scenery can represent anything: buildings, trees, or the interior of a house. If the play has a lot of different settings, then you need a lot of decorations.

In the theater, the scenery consists of structures and painted backgrounds that show where the action unfolds in the play.


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