Published on Mar 15, 2017

Shuttle White Background Images

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Reaching towards space was like something impossible a one hundred years ago. However, thanks to the innovations of the space shuttle, countries around the world send teams of experts and experts into space for research. The information collected can be extremely useful for people in the future.

Space Shuttle innovation began in the 1930s. Eugen Sanger proposed a vehicle, or more than for recycling a rocket aircraft, which can not or does not contain a crew of people. With this, the United States began to write proposals for space transportation that could be reused. Several proposals served as a pioneer never reached the stage of testing. However, in 1970, financial difficulties and engineering units led to a much smaller project, which is more efficient.

In the first Shuttle throughout during the Space Shuttle innovation, the reusable innovation of a step into space was “Columbia.” Something worthy of note, “Columbia” shines as the first use of solid-fuel rockets. It managed to achieve all its missions, which include the study of the overall Shuttle system, launched into orbit smoothly, and make a safe landing in his attempt to get back to earth.


The “Challenger”, another member of NASA’s reusable winged spacecraft, boasts nine successful missions. However, this is not all smooth and easy on the way to this innovation. Seven brave crew members were mourned after the deadly explosion of the Challenger on January 28, 1986.

While precious lives were lost in the process of improving the technology of space vehicle, their efforts were not in wasted. The other planets are being explored and now the man is becoming more aware of the events happenings in the vast universe.

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