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Skeleton White Background Images

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The human body contains muscles and a skeleton. Which skeleton is the purpose of the movement of the body and the support of locomotion? Obviously, the bones in the human body are a solid form of connective tissue. The cells that form the bone are called osteocytes. Bones are connected to each other with the help of several joints associated with each bone.

There is a huge number of joint that helps in the movement of our body, like “Socket Joints.” These are joints that allow movement in different directions. These joints contain the head of a long bone as part of a hip or shoulder that looks like a ball. Hip and shoulder joints are an excellent example to describe the connector sockets.

There is another joint, which is called “Hinge Joints” along which movement is possible in two directions. Human elbow and knee joints are the best examples for the example of joints. Another very important type of joint is the “Pivot Joint.” This joint allows our body to make circular motions. We can easily feel by rotating the palm our hand up and down.


“Sliding Joint” is another type of hinge that slides over the bones, such as the wrists and ankles of the chest can be moved in different directions. There also remains a “Gliding Joint,” which makes an easy move back and forth.

In addition to all the above-mentioned joint, which usually help in movement, there is a “fixed joint” through which movement is impossible, for example, the joints of the skull and many other auxiliary joint existing in the skeleton.

Although the human skeleton is the strongest part of the human body, the fact that immunity from catching diseases is ignorable. Sometimes the human skeleton becomes so weak that it leads to deformation and is known as a genetic disorder.

In addition to genetic disorders, there are some other deformations of the skeleton in which the joints are damaged and are known as arthritis. This can cause swelling, which is very painful and makes it impossible to move. The overall effect of arthritis is so painful that it makes impossible the movement of the bone has moved earlier.

If there is a gap in the joints of bones that can paralyse a person, for example, there are many cases where people had little difference between the bones that made them stay and in some cases were not even able to stand on that leg, Like a human body, bones, are also not immune from infection of this disease.

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