Published on Jan 1, 2017

Skinny Jeans for Women White Background Images

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Everywhere we look today people are wearing skinny jeans; they are actually the number one in the fashion spot. If you really want to look great in jeans, you need to wear the right kind of tops and accessories to really accentuate this fashion item. Women skinny jeans look great when you combine jeans with a crisp white shirt, you can also wear a long shirt with a belt around the middle.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind when you wear skinny pants is balance when wearing the skin tight jeans, they often look better with a loose or bulky top. You can dress up skinny trousers for evening wear, and do not forget the high heels.

Sweater Dress: You can wear boots or ankle boots with long skinny jeans, but jeans are best tucked inside long boots. The peasant type of top summer type with puffed sleeves and a low neckline ideal partner to go with your skinny jeans in the winter, they look just as good to wear with a short sweater dress.


Colors: You can get the stone washed jeans, a black or dark blue, the color of the latter tends to look better, especially if you wear one of these tops, which has an empire waist and then flares up over the hips. You can buy some really beautiful tops in this style and with a great pair of heels will be all set for the night out in your skinny jeans.

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