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Snake White Background Images

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Snakes can swallow prey many times more than themselves. The snake has an amazing ability to change the structure of their body to eat something larger than itself.

Skin of the Snake

The skin of the snake is very dry and cool. The snake is completely covered with dry scales. These scales are individually attached to the skin, which allows the skin to be very flexible. Like all reptiles, the skin is cold to the touch. This is because, unlike mammals, the snake is an “exothermic” big word, which means that the temperature control environment is a snake. Their body temperature is directly related to their environment. Therefore, often reptiles that are basking in the sun. They can not regulate the temperature of their bodies, as mammals do.



In winter reptiles will hibernate. They will find somewhere safe and cozy, will curl up and sleep. Usually, they will find shelter under a rock inside a log or into a hole in the ground, an unused rabbit hole. During this period of hibernation, the body’s function slows almost completely into a stand still. They entered into an energy-saving mode when the heart rate and their breathing slowed down dramatically. They will remain in this state of hibernation for several months, as the weather begins to heat up.


Once the snake is captured it prey by injecting poison, or in the case of non-venomous snakes like pythons, by reducing its prey, it will roll around the victim’s body and begin to evaluate the victim and look for the head. It can do this either with a sense of fur or taste. Snakes like to eat their prey head first. It’s easier to swallow it. After the snake has opened its mouth and began to eat its prey, the skin will begin to spread. As a series of overlapping leaves from each other, opening the skin between them, allowing the snake to spread wider and wider to accommodate the size of the victim.

As the snake crawls on the body of its victim, the lower jaw will break the top. The lower part of the jaw snake will split the chin and use the back teeth, the snake will start to move the prey in its body. Then a series of muscle contractions throughout the body of the snake will move the food down until it reaches the stomach of the snake. After eating, snakes will find somewhere safe and warm to digest food. It is possible that the snake will not have to eat for several weeks, and sometimes months.

There are some important facts that you should know to avoid being bitten. The snake will not bite unless they feel it has no any other option. Some snakes can be aggressive, but generally, snakes prefer to stay alone. Snakes bite when they feel threatened.

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