Published on Jan 19, 2020

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In many sports is all about speed, as the quickest and the fastest are generally considered the best athletes and if you throw in a little agility, talents and technique in it is not very hard to get your team into the winner’s circle. Ask any professional sports team coach what is the most important and generally speed will be at the top of the list. Speed is life in sports – it’s all about speed.

Straight-line speed is extremely important. There are special techniques that you can learn to become a faster athlete and win more games. You’ll be doing yourself and your team a big favor increasing your speed and you will become a much more valuable a player. My question to you is how fast are you?

As a former athlete in track and field the only thing I cared about was winning and often that came down to the fastest athlete with the best kick at the end of the 800 m or mile run. Of course most athletes will contend that the mile or the 800 m is all a sprint anyway. Nevertheless, speed and efficiency is omnipotent.


As a track star and high school it was amazing how well I can play other sports simply because I was faster than everyone else and always at the ball first. I was there to make the play and even if I didn’t have the super talent as some of the other players, I had to speed and agility to help get the win. Do you currently have the speed and agility to make it happen? It’s all about speed.

Perhaps you need to consider getting some speed training and learning some techniques to maintain that speed efficiently and acceleration from a stop without injury. It’s all about speed.


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