Published on Feb 8, 2020

Stormy Ocean Background Images

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Oceans are massive as they cover around three-quarters of this planet. It is quite difficult for one to come across all the facts about an ocean in just one lecture. This is why scientists are consistently working hard to explore the many features of our oceans.

There are five oceans on this planet to discover. These are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern oceans. Each of these oceans is comprised of a massive amount of salt water. Based on their locations, temperatures and sea life, all of these oceans are different from each other. The oceans can also shift the heat from the tropics to many parts of the world.

It sounds exciting when you come to know that over 70% of the earth is covered by oceans. This doesn’t mean we have a full water supply to work with. Because of their heavy amounts of salt content, the waters of the ocean are not drinkable. People who get stuck at sea cannot survive unless they drink fresh water. This is why despite of having massive bodies of water in many parts of the world, people often experience droughts and water shortage.


Ocean tides can also develop in many of these bodies. Such tides are caused by the rotation of earth. Ocean tides greatly affect the gravitational pull of both the moon and the sun. Despite its wet surroundings and depth, oceans still can spew tons of hot lava through underwater volcanoes. If you study the Pacific Ring of Fire situated at the Pacific Ocean then you will come to know about various active volcanoes over there. The eruption of these active volcanoes may result in the formation of land and the movement of tectonic plates. In addition, this eruption also changes the water’s temperature to a great extent, thus affecting sea life.

What can amaze most people about the ocean are their massive depths and giant surroundings. According to scientists, there are many underwater species that are yet to be identified and categorized. In addition, there are prolonged areas of oceans that cannot be easily unveiled by humans because they are far too deep and dark.

You may find it interesting to know that oceans hold comparatively more living organisms than what is on arid land. In fact, it is revealed that almost 94% of the earth’s living organisms are found in these oceans.

One more thing about the ocean is that these water bodies are the residence of many uncountable and unseen species. Anyone watching any unknown species for the first time as they are coming out of these oceans may find it difficult to identify some of them. This is probably why oceans continue to be one of the most mysterious things for the world’s top most scientists to take a look at.

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