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Strawberry White Background Images

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Strawberry has a common scientific name of Fragaria and has various suffixes for different varieties, such as Fragaria Vesca for wild strawberries and Fragaria Orientalis for Eastern Strawberries among others. Strawberry grows in bushes and is one of the most delicious seasonal fruits that also improve your health. These fruits with an attractive appearance and impressive taste have secured their place in the list of favorite fruits around the world. Strawberry is often associated as a European fruit, however, they are popular all over the world.

Strawberries Used in Processed Foods

Strawberries are often consumed freshly or by adding them to fruit salads, creams, and other recipes. They are also used in processed foods, including ice cream, jams, jelly, pumpkin, syrups, confectionery, chocolate sweets and even in medicine for extremely rich taste and color. But nothing beats fresh strawberries, they are taken out of the bush and eaten raw!


Strawberries is Good for Health

Strawberries reduce the level of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood, is a signal of inflammation in the body. In the study, women who ate 16 or more strawberries per week were 14% less likely to have elevated CRP levels.

Strawberries Prevent Cataracts

The antioxidant properties of strawberries can also help prevent cataracts the clouding over the lens of the eye, which can lead to blindness at a later age. Our eyes need vitamin C to protect them from the exposure to free radicals from untreated ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can damage the protein in the lenses. Vitamin C also plays an important role in strengthening the cornea of ​​the eye and retina. While high-dose vitamin C increases the risk of cataracts in women over 65.

Strawberry is full of biotin, which helps build strong hair and nails. They also contain an antioxidant ellagic acid that protects the elastic fibers in our skin to prevent sagging.

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