Published on Aug 23, 2020

Tablet Background Images

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Tablets aren’t the hot commodity they once were, but that’s not because the tablets themselves have gotten worse. Steady progress by smartphone and PC makers means the sweet spot that those standalone tablets used to occupy just isn’t as big as it used to be.

Tablets have killed the netbook market and are fast transforming the traditional PC.
Apple’s iPad gets most of the credit for that, but the tablet computer was not Steve Jobs’ idea. Tablets actually began decades before the iPad was launched in 2010.

The tablet computer and the associated special operating software is an example of pen computing technology, and the development of tablets has deep historical roots. The first patent for a system that recognized handwritten characters by analyzing the handwriting motion was granted in 1914. The first publicly demonstrated system using a tablet and handwriting text recognition instead of a keyboard for working with a modern digital computer dates to 1956.


In addition to many academic and research systems, there were several companies with commercial products in the 1980s: Pencept and Communications Intelligence Corporation were among the best known of a crowded field.

The development of the tablet computer was enabled by several key technological advances. The rapid scaling and miniaturization of MOSFET transistor technology (Moore’s law), the basic building block of mobile devices and computing devices, made it possible to build portable smart devices such as tablet computers. Another important enabling factor was the lithium-ion battery, an indispensable energy source for tablets, commercialized by Sony and Asahi Kasei in 1991.

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