“In Concerning the Spiritual in Art (1911) Kandinsky drew an analogy between abstract painting and music, commenting that ‘music has been for some centuries the art which has devoted itself not to the reproduction of natural phenomena, but rather to the expression of the artist’s soul, in musical sound. ‘”Read More →

As detailed above, ‘neighbour’ can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: My neighbour has an annoying cat. Noun usage: They’re our neighbours across the street. Noun usage: My neighbour is very irritable and grumpy at times. What is the abstract noun for the word Neighbour? The abstract nounRead More →

Frappe´ Literally, struck beating. From the sur la cou-de-pied position (working foot cupped. What does frappe mean in ballet and why do dancers do it? struck, to strike Frappé is a classical ballet term meaning “struck.” A frappé is a step almost always done at the barre as an exerciseRead More →