Was Bear Grylls a Navy SEAL? Grylls is a former member of the British army’s special forces (similar to the U.S. Navy SEALs) who later went on to international fame as a survival expert and instructor who has spent more than a decade hosting reality TV shows such as DiscoveryRead More →

Yes, sometimes bears eat deer, although they’re unlikely to actively hunt and kill a fully-grown deer, they may actively hunt fawns (baby deer). Black bears, Asiatic bears and Brown bears will kill and eat baby deer. Will a black bear eat a deer carcass? Black, brown, polar, and other largerRead More →

A bull market occurs when securities are on the rise, while a bear market occurs when securities fall for a sustained period of time. It’s important to understand the differences between bull and bear markets and how they impact your investment decisions. What is considered a bear market? A bearRead More →

Is borne the past tense of bear? Borne is the past participle of the verb bear in all senses except the one related to birth. It can also be used as an adjective in these senses. Will be borne or bear? On ‘Born’ and ‘Borne’ Both born and borne areRead More →

TRUTH: Bears are normally shy, retiring creatures who only act aggressively as a last resort — usually when they feel threatened. Bears very rarely exhibit predatory behavior towards humans. However, a bear that has been exposed to human food or garbage may become dangerous and aggressive towards people. Are bearsRead More →

The Allergan Natrelle Inspira implants are considered gummy bear implants. Gummies are also silicone implants, but the gel is slightly different, giving them an even more natural feel. The Inspira implants are round and smooth and provide a more natural feel. What type of implant is natrelle? Natrelle® Silicone-Filled BreastRead More →

The term bruin originated from the medieval European children’s fable entitled, History of Reynard the Fox. The name stuck. Bruin encapsulated exactly what owner Charles Adams wanted to identify his franchise with, an untamed animal displaying speed, agility, power and cunning. Are black bears called Bruins? Why are Bears inRead More →

Why does Pudsey Bear wear a big red-spotted bandage? … Punk rocker students studying engineering, computer science and fine art all donned a Pudsey patch in the hope of feeling the bear’s pain and perhaps even finding a diagnosis for his affliction. When did Pudsey Bear turn yellow? A yearRead More →

They use chlorophyll (the pigment that makes plant leaves green) to turn sunlight into energy they can use. It’s a process called photosynthesis. But Cancer-Root doesn’t have chlorophyll. It can’t make its own food. Is Squawroot a fungus? Conopholis americana, the American cancer-root, squawroot (considered an offensive and outdated term),Read More →

BOW AND OPTICS TRADE INS! … Trade in your gently used bows and optics for a coupon to receive savings on NEW bows or optics! Bring your items to Customer Service for an expert outfitter to inspect to collect your coupon! Who makes the best bows in the world? BestRead More →