Sure, names like Tom (Hanks), Julia (Roberts), and Meryl (Streep) all come to mind, especially when you consider their impressive careers, but it turns out, the person with this unique title is none other than the man behind the “happiest place on Earth” — Walt Disney. He won 26 OscarsRead More →

The big bad in season 2 saw Riverdale plagued by the Black Hood – a masked villain who was determined to exterminate the town of all its sinners. In total, he killed 7 people including Ms. Grundy, Robert Phillips, Midge, Dr. Steven Masters, and three Riverdale High students. Are thereRead More →

Turmeric and black pepper each have health benefits, due to the compounds curcumin and piperine. As piperine enhances curcumin absorption in the body by up to 2,000%, combining the spices magnifies their effects. They may reduce inflammation and improve digestion, particularly in supplement form. What is the best way toRead More →

Perhaps the most salient feature is that both Amos ‘n’ Andy and minstrel shows were created by whites, to entertain primarily white audiences. Why did CBS cancel Amos n Andy? The Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) network cancelled Amos ‘n’ Andy after a national boycott led by the National Association forRead More →

The most popular theory of how the plague ended is through the implementation of quarantines. The uninfected would typically remain in their homes and only leave when it was necessary, while those who could afford to do so would leave the more densely populated areas and live in greater isolation.Read More →

In Fahrenheit 451, the protagonist Guy Montag murders fire chief Beatty in an act of impulsive desperation. After the firemen are deployed to Montag’s house, Beatty reveals that Montag’s hidden stash of books has been discovered, thus making Montag a criminal. What does Montag do to Mr and Mrs Black?Read More →

As you can see, dental crowns are highly versatile in terms of how much tooth is needed for their placement. They can be placed when as much as ¾ of the natural tooth has been damaged or decayed, and can also be placed when the tooth is lacking both externalRead More →

The film was theatrically released in select theaters on November 25, 2020, before beginning to stream on December 18, on Netflix. Netflix also released a 31-minute making-of documentary Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: A Legacy Brought to Screen alongside the film. Is Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom true? August Wilson, the playwrightRead More →

Some kites live on insects; others are primarily scavengers but also eat rodents and reptiles; and a few are strictly snaileaters. Are black kites friendly? Black kites in Delhi actively choose to live near humans, even accepting food that they offer. But the birds perceive people near their nests asRead More →