“The World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall is over 1,800 years old. It stretches 150 miles across the country, crossing Cumbria, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear. It includes the 73 mile-long Hadrian’s Wall and the Cumbrian coastal defences. Is Hadrian’s wall the longest wall in the world? The longest wallRead More →

With majestic views of the Wasatch Range, Built Bar is headquartered just 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and “the best snow on earth”). How many Built Bars can I eat a day? By consuming one or two Built Bars per dayRead More →

At first, they were made in the tractor plant in Racine, WI. Then gradually, when the production increased, the line went first to Rockford, Illinois, then a brand-new plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, and finally moved to Wasau in Wisconsin. Where are New Holland backhoes built? New Holland Construction lastRead More →

It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Egyptologists conclude that the pyramid was built as a tomb for the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and estimate that it was built in the 26th century BC during aRead More →

CAIRO (Reuters) – New tombs found in Giza support the view that the Great Pyramids were built by free workers and not slaves, as widely believed, Egypt’s chief archaeologist said on Sunday. Who really built the pyramids? It was the Egyptians who built the pyramids. The Great Pyramid is datedRead More →

Castle Rock, a volcanic plug formed in the Carboniferous period (340 million years), towers above Edinburgh’s Old Town and West Princes Street Gardens giving it a clear defensive advantage. The dolerite rock formed as part of an ancient volcanic complex that underlies the heart of the city. Is Edinburgh CastleRead More →

Rufford Abbey was founded by the Cistercian order of monks in 1146 and built between 1147 and c 1170. It was added to in 1233 when the king licensed the Rufford abbot and his monks to enlarge the courts of their house by taking an acre of the king’s woodRead More →

Best for audiophiles: LG G8. Best battery life: Moto G7 Power 32 GB. Best with a stylus: LG Stylo 5. What is Alexa built in in Mobile? “Alexa Built-in” refers to a product with Amazon Alexa functionality built in, providing a voice forward experience that uses Alexa to play music,Read More →

The idea of building a gigantic dam in the Three Gorges area to harness the Yangtze River is not new. More than seventy year ago, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, pioneer of the Chinese democratic revolution, first proposed that a Yangtze Three Gorges Project be constructed. Why was the Three Gorges DamRead More →

In 1898, during the Spanish–American War, Puerto Rico was invaded and subsequently became a possession of the United States. … The Jones Act of 1917, which made Puerto Ricans U.S. citizens, paved the way for the drafting of Puerto Rico’s Constitution and its approval by Congress and Puerto Rican votersRead More →