The Cayman Islands consist of three islands: Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac. The capital is George Town, on Grand Cayman. The Turks and Caicos Islands consist of some forty islands forming the southeastern end of the Bahamas archipelago. The capital is Cockburn Town, on Grand Turk Island. IsRead More →

A report by International Crisis Group found that as Russia has control over Abkhazia’s “borders”, roads and sea, it does not need a heavy permanent presence; Russia can move military equipment and troops into and out of Abkhazia at will. Is Abkhazia a poor country? Meanwhile, however, poverty in AbkhaziaRead More →

United States’ protectorates and protected states Liberia (1822–1847) Republic of Texas (1836-1845) Cuba (1898–1934) Republic of Negros (1899–1901) Republic of Zamboanga (1899–1903) Sultanate of Sulu (1903–1915) What are examples of protectorate? The kingdoms of Numidia, Macedonia, Syria, and Pergamum were examples of protected states under the control of Rome. InRead More →

Despite its name, it determines that the Caspian is neither lake nor sea. The surface is to be treated as a sea, with states granted jurisdiction over 15 nautical miles of water from their coasts and fishing rights over an additional ten miles. What is special about the Caspian Sea?Read More →

Gdynia-Gdansk cruise terminal Most cruise ships (including all large-sized) dock at Gdynia port’s Francuskie Pier, located in the port’s industrial area. There are no passenger terminal facilities here. What is the main port in Poland? Port of Gdynia is the largest port in Poland and an important logistics hub forRead More →

Lake Bled (Slovene: Blejsko jezero; German: Bleder See, Veldeser See) is a lake in the Julian Alps of the Upper Carniolan region of northwestern Slovenia, where it adjoins the town of Bled. … The lake is 35 km (22 mi) from Ljubljana International Airport and 55 km (34 mi) fromRead More →

Budapest, Hungary. Gdansk, Poland. Tallinn, Estonia. Cathedral Park, Chisinau, Moldova. Castle Bojnice, Slovakia. Kiev, Ukraine. Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Old city, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Which is the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe? The intriguing Republic of Czech is undeniably the most attractive country in Eastern Europe and in my viewRead More →

Somalia. … Ethiopia. … Moldova. … Croatia. … India. … South Africa. … Slovenia. Slovenia has been included in the ranking for the unhealthiest countries due to its high consumption of alcohol. … Belarus. Belarus is declared unhealthy primarily due to the lifestyle choices of its citizens. How unhealthy isRead More →

Both Weet-Bix and Weetabix were invented by Bennison Osborne, an Australian. Weet-Bix was introduced in Australia through the company “Grain Products Limited” in the mid-1920s, with funding from businessman Arthur Shannon and marketing assistance from Osborne’s New Zealand friend Malcolm Macfarlane. When was Weetabix invented? August 1932 saw our founders,Read More →