Can you wear 2 different shades of denim? Although you may be leery about wearing different types of denim together, it’s perfectly fine to mix shades occasionally. Problems occur, however, when some women try to match their denims. … “For that reason, many women choose contrasts, mixing an indigo, aRead More →

Chambray is constructed using a “plain weave,” which involves single strands of yarn being woven together. Though it resembles denim, it is softer and thinner, making it super breathable and lightweight. As a result, chambray can be touted year-round. Are chambray pants jeans? Chambray makes for great shirts, and evenRead More →

It’s exactly what it says, it’s denim in its raw form. This means that the jeans are not washed or treated when they are made, leaving that gorgeous raw indigo colour intact. Raw jeans often come in a selvedge denim as they are quite expensive and incredibly well made. WhatRead More →

A denim jacket should fit you perfectly. It should neither be too tight or too loose. You should be able to button it up easily when worn over a t-shirt without feeling uncomfortable. How should a denim jacket fit a woman? “If you’re looking for a classic fitted jean jacket,Read More →