Their employees are paid well to put your groceries in your vehicle; a tip is not required. After all, this is a convenience you’re already paying for! Do I tip Giant Eagle delivery? Should I tip my shopper? Nope. Giant Eagle employees shop for and delivery your groceries, and theyRead More →

With the lines ‘The harpies of the shore shall pluck / The eagle (American symbol) of the sea,’ Holmes demonstrates that it’s often those who have the least to do with the ship or country’s operations that are the most willing to allow it to fall into disrepair. Why isRead More →

It cannot be aimed like the regular Round-shot and cannot go very far due to its weight. It is also a limited resource and is stored on the ship unlike the chain-shot and round-shot, which are limitless. They are fired by simply looking to the side of the ship andRead More →

Most people are not aware that the 2019-W Burnished Silver Eagle is the LOWEST MINTAGE in the entire series. Only 129,000 coins were minted, which is far more rare than the average Burnished Silver Eagle. What does a burnished silver eagle coin look like? This coin has a matte-like finishRead More →

Eagles are very large raptors with proportionally long, broad wings, a fan shaped tail that is twice as long as the head and neck. Eagles will soar on outstretched wings with few wing beats. They feed on small to medium sized mammals. The golden and bald eagles are the onlyRead More →

The SRAM Force 1 rear derailleur adopts all the technologies of SRAM 1x™ MTB to provide the fastest, quietest 1×11 shifting available. SRAM’s unique clutch system eliminates chain slack, providing for smoother, quieter, and more secure chain travel. Does the SRAM GX rear derailleur have a clutch? Leveraging the legendaryRead More →

Bald eagles decorate the sky largely because they are vultures. Their white head feathers contrast with a brown body and suggest their naked-headed ancestry. And their soaring flight, though neither purposeful nor aggressive, is a vulture trait as well. Is vulture or eagle big? The turkey vulture is smaller thanRead More →

War Eagle VII (2006–2019) Nova, Auburn’s fourteen-year-old golden eagle, was officially named War Eagle VII on November 11, 2006. He was hatched in the Montgomery Zoo in 1999 and moved to Auburn at six months of age. Does Auburn have a real tiger mascot? Aubie the Tiger. Aubie, Auburn University’sRead More →

Jackie laid her eggs on January 8 and 11th. The eggs failed to hatch and were determined non-viable. After incubating the eggs for more than 60 days, in mid-March Jackie and Shadow started leaving the eggs unattended for periods of time. Did the bald eagle eggs hatch? Eggs hatch inRead More →