A lot of Jared Leto’s Joker was left on the cutting room floor after the reshoots for “Suicide Squad,” as efforts to lighten up the film meant much less of DC’s classic Clown Prince of Crime. Why is Joker not in Suicide Squad? Although it had been speculated that theRead More →

Gotham actor Cameron Monaghan and producer John Stephens confirm that they can’t use the name the Joker or the character’s likeness. The Suits at Warner Bros are Hypocrites. Michael Fields They can at least be name dropped. How did Jeremiah Valeska become the Joker? Driven insane After Jerome’s death, JeremiahRead More →

As the love interest and protegee of the Joker it’s easy to overlook Harley Quinn. … She’s clearly more powerful than Joker as she’s also stronger when she’s going solo, finding more success in her own right, or as part of villainous teams like the Suicide Squad. Is Harley QuinnRead More →

During his time as Jack, the couple sired two children, a boy and a girl that remain unnamed. Harley is forced to raise them alone after Jack’s death in Sean Murphy’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight #6. Is Harlequin the Joker’s daughter? The Harlequin is the name of fourRead More →

Obviously, the Joker is not in The Dark Knight Rises because Heath Ledger tragically passed away before the release of The Dark Knight. However, in the universe Christopher Nolan has created, he’s likely still alive because that’s how Batman left him eight years ago. Would Heath Ledger be in TheRead More →