So, does applying lemon juice to hair make it grey? Not really. Women should know that concentrated lemon destroys their hair texture and changes its colour from the original. Does lemon lighten black hair? We asked hair care experts all about how to lighten hair naturally, and it turns outRead More →

Plastering his body with fake tattoos for his role on Sons Of Anarchy has convinced actor Theo Rossi that he doesn’t want the ones he already has. Rossi says being covered with body paint for his role as Juan-Carlos “Juice” Ortiz on Sons Of Anarchy has turned him off tattoos.Read More →

Aloe vera has long been regarded as a nice ingredient for healing and moisturization by folklore. Here’s why: Non-decolorized, whole-leaf aloe extract contains a chemical called aloin, which has been shown to cause cancer in rats. What is decolorized Aloe barbadensis? Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis Miller) is a succulent plantRead More →

With his percussive delivery and tough-talking lyrics, it is no surprise that Memphis rapper Jay Fizzleearned the faith of Young Dolph. Signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Empire, Fizzle announces The Color Purple, his second mixtape of 2017. How many kids do Jay fizzle have? Paper Route Empire artist Jay FizzleRead More →

Lime juice is acidic, which helps with keeping food fresh. … Unlike juices we usually drink as a refreshment, like apple juice or OJ, store-bought lime juice sold unrefrigerated doesn’t go bad after two or three weeks in the fridge. Like lemon juice, it stays fine for months on end.Read More →

Kosher for Passover. Pasteurized. Contains 100% juice. Is grape juice kosher? Grapes themselves have no special kosher considerations, but wine, grape juice, and other grape products are some of the most highly kosher-sensitive. All grape juice, grape wines or brandies must be prepared under strict Orthodox rabbinic supervision and mayRead More →