Kangaroo care is beneficial for parents because it promotes attachment and bonding, improves parental confidence, and helps to promote increased milk production and breastfeeding success. A 2017 study found that the psychological benefits of kangaroo care for parents of preterm infants are fairly extensive. How long does kangaroo care work?Read More →

Marsupials carry their young in pouches because the pouch is a life-support system for babies that are developmentally equivalent to placental mammal fetuses. In a sense, marsupial mammals traded nipples and lactation for placentas and umbilical cords. Is a kangaroo’s pouch just a hole? It turns out that pouches aren’tRead More →

One of the largest was the Ravine Fire that spread east across the 88-mile long Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia, burning 48 percent of the island, more than half a million acres. Is Kangaroo Island back to normal? It’s back to business as usual on Kangaroo IslandRead More →

“Extremely low in fat, kangaroo meat has virtually no saturated fat,” she wrote. “Its levels of protein and zinc are similar to those of other meats, but it has more iron, twice as much vitamin B12 and higher levels of most other B vitamins.” Why kangaroo meat is bad forRead More →

Despite its name and mouse-like appearance, the Kangaroo rat is neither a rat or a mouse. The Kangaroo rat is a member of the heteromyidae family, with its closest relative being the pocket gopher. Kangaroo rats have long tails and larger hind feet with only four toes. Is a marsupialRead More →

Merriam’s kangaroo rats obtain enough water from the metabolic oxidation of the seeds they eat to survive and do not need to drink water at all. Does kangaroo rat die after drinking water? It is true that a kangaroo rat can die after drinking water. This is because when itRead More →

The Cost of Kangaroos as Pets Although the news report didn’t say how much the family paid for their 3 marsupials, males kangaroos usually cost around $2,000 and females go for $3,000. How do you take care of a baby kangaroo? The Joey needs the same care as a prematureRead More →

We hold Kangaroo as Totem, indeed many Indigenous People across Australia hold Kangaroo as Totem, which means that we see them as a Creator Spirit. In language Kangaroo are known as Tarner, Tarner formed the Rivers, Valleys etc., then morphed from Kangaroo into man and was able to travel toRead More →