On some phones, you can also enable Wi-Fi Calling from the Quick settings panel. How do I enable Wi-Fi calling on my Samsung? Android 7.1 Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a Wi-Fi network. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon. Tap Settings > Connections. If necessary, slide theRead More →

Galaxy A52 and A72 are IP67-certified, meaning they provide full peace of mind during everyday usage. The “6” in IP67 rating denotes dust-resistance capability: 5/1000cm, or about 50㎛. The “7” denotes water-resistance, meaning that the device is protected for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. Is the A51Read More →

How do I disable Samsung Knox? How to disable Knox Find the Knox app, launch it and tap on Settings. Choose Knox Settings. Select Uninstall Knox. When uninstalling Knox, you will be asked if you want to back up your Knox data. If you say yes, it will be savedRead More →

Here’s the best free Android antivirus in 2021: ? Avira: Provides real-time malware protection, anti-theft protection, a privacy scanner, device clean-up tools, app locking, network scanning, and a limited VPN all 100% free. Get Avira’s free Android antivirus now. Are androids safe from malware? Android is more often targeted byRead More →

While developed markets like the US get the Qualcomm Snapdragon version, countries like India get the Exynos variant. … “Phones with Exynos SoC chips are shown to perform slower, have less battery life, use inferior camera sensors and processing, overheat and throttle faster, amongst other issues,” says the petition. DoesRead More →

Where is my documents on Samsung? You can find almost all the files on your smartphone in the My Files app. By default, this will appear in the folder named Samsung. If you are having trouble finding the My Files app, you should try using the search feature. To begin,Read More →

Download and install NextRadio from the Google Play Store. Open the NextRadio app. Swipe left and tap I’m Ready!. Tap Local FM Radio or Local Stream and tap a radio station. Which Samsung phones have a built in FM radio? The best Samsung phones with FM radio Galaxy Note 20Read More →

Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) Select the Start-Up tab. Right click on Samsung Magician Application. Select Disable. Can I exit Samsung Magician? Right click on the Magician icon in the system tray and select remove from start up. Is Samsung Magician bootable? Compared with Samsung Magician Secure erase, it does notRead More →

How do I turn off ambient mode on my Samsung? Mdon. First Poster. Bookmark. Subscribe. ‎01-12-2020 06:55 PM in. TV. Download the smart things app. Select the TV in question. Ambient mode. Routine (top left) Edit Schedule. Routine off. make sure you hit done for the changes to save. 0Read More →

Recharge your phone using your voice. … Recharge your smartphone with a crank case. … Recharge your smartphone using wind. … Recharge your smartphone using your body heat. … Recharge your smartphone using fruit and vegetables. … 4 comments. How do I turn on wireless charging? First, plug the wirelessRead More →