Teething symptoms their gum is sore and red where the tooth is coming through. they have a mild temperature of 38C. they have 1 flushed cheek. they have a rash on their face. they’re rubbing their ear. they’re dribbling more than usual. they’re gnawing and chewing on things a lot.Read More →

Your skin may also be bumpy, lumpy, and red. Understanding what’s causing the itching may help you to deal with and tolerate it better. As oestrogen levels stabilise, formication should settle down a year or so after you hit menopause. How is menopause formication treated? Although antihistamines are used toRead More →

A fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath are hallmark signs COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. But early research suggests that another common symptom may be often overlooked: stomach upset. Should I get tested for COVID-19 if I have diarrhea? If you have new GI symptoms likeRead More →

Many people who are infected with the virus that causes cold sores never develop signs and symptoms. Once you’ve had an episode of herpes infection, the virus lies dormant in nerve cells in your skin and may emerge as another cold sore at the same place as before. What canRead More →

When you do not get enough sleep, this may trigger neurological reflexes that cause shakiness. Too much caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your body, causing your muscles to move out of sequence. Low blood sugar. What is wrong if you feel shaky inside your body? Internal vibrations, also known as internal tremors,Read More →

Some of the symptoms common in coronavirus “long-haulers,” such as palpitations, dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath, may be due to heart problems — or, just from having been ill with COVID-19. How do I know if my heart palpitations are serious? Often, palpitations aren’t serious, but they canRead More →

Chronic lateness can be one of the most annoying symptoms of ADHD, both for people with ADHD and those who have to put up with us! What do you call someone who is always late? ‘Tidsoptimist, a person who’s habitually late because they think they have more time than theyRead More →

Chills can cause an uncomfortable sensation of shivering and goosebumps. They’re often a sign that your body feels too cold or is fighting off an illness. Many people feel chilled when they have a fever. Warming your body with more clothes and heat can ward off cold chills. Should IRead More →

Cancer uses your body’s nutrients to grow and advance, so those nutrients are no longer replenishing your body. This “nutrient theft” can make you feel extremely tired. Do you feel unwell with melanoma? General symptoms hard or swollen lymph nodes. hard lump on your skin. unexplained pain. feeling very tiredRead More →

Fainting may be caused by something serious, such as a heart problem or a seizure, or by something minor, such as laughing too hard. Don’t try to diagnose yourself; seek immediate medical attention if you lose consciousness. Fainting can be alarming, and it should be. Is feeling faint serious? FeelingRead More →