Published on May 11, 2020

The Legend Of Zelda Background Images

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The history on The Legend of Zelda started in 1987 when the video game was released for the NES console. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto grabbed bits and pieces of genres to create this innovative game. The key characteristic of the series ever since the beginning has been exploration. The first time you ever saw link he was unarmed and thrown in the middle of world that the player had to figure out as he or she went along.

That curious, adventurous spirit of the original has been on display for all 13 of the sequels for Nintendo. The games might have changed from the top-down perspective to side scrolling to 3-dimensional worlds, but the concept is the same: “Explore, see what’s out there!”

“Zelda II: Adventure of Link”, is probably the most controversial in all the series. Link was taken from the comfortable top down level and put in a side scrolling view. It was a game that was risky, as it would alienate all the fans of the original. But to this day, many regard as an underrated treasure.


The series went back on to its more comforting top-down view in its pre-N64 days. “A Link to the Past” for the Super Nintendo and “Link’s Awakening” for the Game Boy brought back the gameplay that everybody was used to.

The pinnacle to many in the series was “Ocarina of Time”. It ushered in the next generation of gamers. Released for the Nintendo 64, it was the first of the Zelda games to be displayed in 3-D. Not only is it regarded by critics as the greatest Zelda game, but many feel it is the best video game of all time. The game offered incredible innovations and groundbreaking gameplay. Even with the facelift, it still encompassed the heart of what made the original so great.

Next in line was “Majora’s Mask”, which came out in 2000 for the N64. Although additions were made to the game, it had a more serious tone, than many fans of the series just weren’t used to. The game didn’t have the childlike innocence that was so prevalent in the prior games.

Another interesting and controversial step in the series came with the release of “The Windwaker” in 2003. The controversy surrounding the game was the cel-shaded graphics. “The Windwaker” was geared towards a younger audience. Nintendo wanted to give kids of this generation that same magical journey that were given to the kids of the 1980s.

When Nintendo came out Wii, people wondered what kind of Zelda would they be getting. The truth is fans got an amazingly detailed and stylized version. The game displays the pioneering controls of the Wii remote and Nunchuk’s in all its glory. In short, many believe it’s the best game in the series since “Ocarina of Time”.

With Zelda games having such a long and illustrious history, it’s hard to possibly fathom, what else is in store for this mighty series.

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