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Tiger Background Images

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Do you remember your reaction the moment you first saw a tiger in a zoo? In other words, what came to your mind when you were familiarized with a tiger in your school? When it comes to initial know how, the tiger always leaves a scary picture in our minds. However, the tiger is an amazing animal in its own right.

Tigers are the most revered animals in wildlife but the total number of tigers seems to be declining day by day. They are the largest creatures among all cat species. An average tiger is about 11 feet in length and can weigh 800 pounds. One of the most iconic features of the tiger is its black vertical stripes on a reddish-orange surface. Tigers are mostly found in Eastern Russia, China and Southeast Asia. They can find comfortable living spots in dense forests, woodlands, tropical forests, grasslands, rocky country areas, savannahs and more. They are active during dark nights than in the daytime.

The largest tigers are mostly found in the Siberian. The length of the tiger there is more than nine feet with a weight of up to 675 pounds. On the other hand, the Sumatran tigers are the smallest with a weight of up to 300 pounds. In addition, there are some other types of tigers to see like Bengal tigers, Malayan, South China and Indochinese tigers. The weights of tigers living in cold zones are comparatively heavier than the tigers living in warm weather spots. The total size of female tigers is smaller than male tigers. An average lifespan of tigers can range between 10-15 years.


In addition to reddish-orange and narrow brown combinations, there are white tigers as well. You will find around one in every 10,000 tigers comes with black or gray stripes. This black and gray striped pattern indicates the rare genetic material. Every tiger has its own unique stripes as well.

While heading towards a victim, the dark vertical stripes of tigers can disguise them in the forest. Tigers basically target their victims using the claw. The claws can become retracted into their feet. As result, it leaves no claw marks but it leaves their footprints. Known for their aggressive nature, tigers can roar very loud and makes it audible from a distance of around two miles.

They relish eating deer, water buffalo, wild rabbits, dogs and antelope among others. Tigers seldom attack humans unless they run short of their preferred foods. With excellent eyesight, tigers enjoy hunting during dark nights. They first chase after their victim, jump long, push them down and kill them by biting their necks. Because of their exceptional swimming abilities, tigers are comfortable in chasing the prey in water as well.

Despite of their heavy body structures, tigers run very fast. Most of them are capable of crossing a distance of around 40 miles per hour. During extreme hot and humid weather conditions, they love to stay near water lands where they can step in the water and stay cool. Except in the mating season, tigers love to live unaccompanied. After giving birth to their babies, mother tigers spend time with their babies and take care of them. They continue living with them in a den until the babies are eight weeks old. The cubs become capable of killing prey when they get to be around a year old. Usually the cubs prefer to stay with their mother until they get to be independent.

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