Published on May 4, 2017

Tiger White Background Images

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While tigers can be a dangerous species in many regions of the world, and the subject of many protection and conservation programs, has diverse and interesting varieties of this noble being. Tigers are found in many countries, although the dwindling numbers significantly reduce their habitats over the past few decades. Unfortunately, this is mainly due to poaching efforts, rather than environmental factors.

Bengal Tiger

The most common subspecies of the tiger, Bengal tiger or the royal Bengal tiger is found mainly in India and Bangladesh. While environmentalists believe that the population as a whole is just under 2000, the latest study by the Indian National Tiger Protection Authority estimates the remaining number of only 1,411 wild Bengal tigers – a drop of nearly 60% over the past decade.


Sumatran Tiger

Rarely amongst Tigers breeds and are found only on the island of Sumatra, this tiger is a subspecies of the least known to man – an adaptation to thick, dense forests where they live. The most interesting aspect of the Sumatran tiger is one that can’t be seen with the naked eye on a tiger safari – Genetic tests show that this subspecies of tigers have unique genetic markers, indicating that it can develop into a completely separate species if it does not become extinct. A small amount of the remaining tiger has led to suggestions that it should have a higher priority for conservation than the other species.

South China Tiger

One of the most critically endangered subspecies of the tiger; This is one that will not be easily spotted in a tiger safari. Marked as one of the ten most rare animals in the world, probably no more left in the wild and only 59 known subspecies of tigers in captivity. Genetic diversity required to preserve its position as a subspecies of the tiger may no longer exist.

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