Published on Dec 1, 2016

Toner White Background Images

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Toner cartridges are used for laser printers and photocopiers. Compared with inkjet printers that use a wet ink or liquid toner cartridges are in dry powder form. As a result, toners and cartridges are more suitable for business and professional purposes, such as improving the print quality and high ratio of volume and capacity. Printers and cartridges for certain types of laser printers and copiers can be refilled; it’s a good thing, because the new toner cartridges may cost more than one $100 each.

There are some third-party services that refill toner cartridges. However, you can simply buy a set of toner coverage and do it yourself. In this post we will look at the steps for refilling cartridges.

First of all, you need to make sure that the set of refill kit you buy is compatible with your empty toner cartridge. Each toner cartridge has a specific set of refill intended for use.


Unlike inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges contain very fine powder pigment. Whenever processing toners and cartridges you must be aware of the health risks. When using the toner kit or cartridges, it will be in the air and breathe easily. Toner contains carbon and other metallic materials that may be harmful to your health. Wearing a protective mask and gloves is essential in filling toner cartridges.

Clean the cartridge and a roll before refilling the toner. Toner can be cleaned with a damp lint-free cloth.

As a rule, you can use the cartridge about three times before the print quality is experiencing a significant reduction in quality. However, in some cases, you may need to replace the toner cartridge before.

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