Published on May 11, 2020

Twitter Background Images

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Twitter marketing can prove to be different from the other types of advertising you come across, and in a way, you might enjoy the experience of using a social network like Twitter to market and at the same time pass on useful information to your target niche. Twitter limits the size of its transmissions to a length of 140 characters. You will need to keep your messages relatively short so they make sense and inspire interest. You can ensure that your tweets reach a large number of individuals by building up your network, and having many followers. In order for your tweets to be seen by a large number of individuals, you must have many friends listed on your Twitter account.

The first thing is to get a Twitter account. No, you can’t start driving traffic without it. Twitter gives you the choice to sift through your electronic correspondence to discover if you have any colleagues/contacts or old friends who are already on Twitter, and there is positively no cost. After you set up your account, you will be given the option of uploading a picture for you page, and you will also be able to add your website or blog link so that it appears on your profile.

Unlike Facebook or MySpace, Twitter only allows you the ability to upload photos on your profile, and to micro-blog, there is no storage for files or photos – save that for your site. You can however upload some pictures to share with your Twitter contacts, this can be done by cell phone, through your PC or other mobile methods. When you have set up your account with Twitter, you can start following people. When you follow a person on Twitter, it’s similar to subscribing to their updates and receive them regularly. On your profile page you can read any specific Tweet that has been posted by someone on your friends list. To follow a person, all you have to do is click on the button that says follow located below the picture on their profile page. This is a good tactic to drive traffic, because you will notice that the more people you follow, the more they will return the favor back to you by following you.


If you have done any degree of homework on Twitter marketing, you will be aware that increasing the number of people that follow you and staying in contact with them is one of Twitter’s most significant traffic generating components. Simply having a high number of followers is not the only way to generate traffic for your site. The best part about Twitter is that you can tweet your updates and include a link in the update that leads people directly to what you are talking about on your site. You may be trying to sell a new product or are an affiliate marketer, linking to what you wish to promote in tweets is a great way to generate some attention and get some hits on the products page.

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