Published on May 9, 2017

Umbrella White Background Images

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Umbrellas have been around for a little over 4000 years, and there has been much controversy to exactly where this ingenious invention originates. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence of where the first umbrella was created; Many people say that China quite a few Japan. That we can clearly see that this gadget is used by the overwhelming majority of civilizations of continents around the world, such as Egypt, Macedonia and, of course, in the Far East.

There are many pieces of evidence associated with the arrival of umbrellas that appear in ancient hauls (for example, fresco are found in the tomb of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti) and various ancient frescoes and illustrations. Although this particular form of the umbrella is used mainly for protection from the sun, powerful radiation upon kings and queens heads. Today, the use of umbrellas is more closely related to stopping any rain and snow at bay.

Here are Some of the Most Popular Type of Umbrellas:

Rain umbrellas – With motifs to protect people from rain & clouds.


Folding umbrellas – They have anti-UV coatings and are printed in fine patterns. They have telescopic shafts and are easy to carry around in a bag.

LED umbrellas  They are equipped with the main shaft, which comes on at the touch of a button. They are useful when walking on dark roads in the rain.

Golf umbrellas – They are usually made for golfers to protect themselves and their golf bags. They are too big. Because they provide great protection from the rain, they are preferred by the general public too.

Children’s umbrellas – They are light and designed by popular cartoons or characters from Walt Disney’s children’s films. They are usually equipped with ears like shape, so in general, they are similar to the cute character themselves. Children umbrellas, usually have six panels.

Wedding umbrellas – Wedding preparations include a wedding umbrella at any time when it rains. Traditionally made of cotton and lace, they are ideal for photo shoots too. They are large enough for a couple. Chinese handmade lace is an important element of these.

Transparent umbrellas – They are convex and very popular, because they afford a view of the rain while being e protected from it!

Beach umbrellas – These umbrellas are long with a height of 8 feet ideal for beaches and picnics and come with gaily strips and colorful arc designs that can be spotted from afar.

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