Published on Jan 19, 2020

Valentine’s Day Heart Background Images

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Why would someone even want to open their heart? An open heart offers us so many possibilities and a connection to the Creator that is our birthright. It is actually a more natural state of being. Life is simply more full when your heart is open and you are most able to bring the things you love and desire into your life. Be it financial success, loving relationships, knowing and acting upon your true calling, etc… you feel all around more fulfilled.

When your heart is open it brings compassion, love, happiness, gratitude, joy and all of the higher aspects of life. When your heart is closed, you are sad, depressed, unhappy, angry, unfeeling and uncaring of and toward others, you are basically shut down to life.

What does it mean to have your heart open? It means that you are feeling the heart energy center at its highest health and wellbeing. You are open to life, people, animals, possibilities-the world. You have compassion and joy. You dream, plan, are in the moment and look forward to the future. Things that might bother you, such as another’s harsh words, heavy traffic, difficulties of any kind, etc. – those blips in the road no longer bother you. You see beyond them and sail through your life effortlessly. Smiling, laughing, giving and receiving are the signs of an open heart.


How do you open your heart? Here are10 things you can do:


Most of us pay no attention to our breathing. It is a function that the body does automatically. As a result, most of our breaths are very shallow and rapid. Breathing deeply and slowing your breath is profoundly healing for the heart, the body, the mind and the soul. When you breathe, you are bringing literal consciousness into your body. You are not only accepting but embracing and taking in life. Breath is the spark of life that ignites you into remembering and reconnecting every time you take a deep breath in. Breathing clears the mind and settles our emotions. The breath and the heart are deeply connected and are completely interdependent. Conscious breathing is necessary to open your heart.

Play more

When you look at a child immersed in the world of play, you think of joy, happiness and sharing. Children are short on memory of woes when they are playing. Your heart opens when you laugh joyously. When you laugh and are having fun, you are completely in the moment and not focused on problems, the past or the future. Laughter actually boosts your immune system and your heart’s functions. You are completely present and being present is where the heart always exists, thus you sync your mind at this time with your heart. You can open your heart and mind by playing and being in the present.


To meditate is to expand oneself into all possibilities. It is connecting your heart to the greater consciousness, quieting the mind so that you can hear your heart, becoming one with this awareness and absorbing peace through the stillness. Simply being. Meditation brings in many elements to open your heart such as breathing and being present

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