Published on Jul 8, 2019

Vector Powerpoint Background Images

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A vector is an image that is drawn using mathematical expressions, that is, it can increase and decrease without loss of quality. On the other hand, a JPEG or PNG image consists of a certain number of pixels. If you want to enlarge the image, the number of pixels will not increase, but the quality will decrease.

The advantage of using PowerPoint vectors is not only that they can be expanded to gigantic sizes. Perhaps you are presenting your presentation on a 12-inch screen, so images that can scale up to 30 feet and still look great are not too important for you.

But when you use a vector in PowerPoint, you can edit the color to match the branding of your presentation. This is not possible with a JPEG or PNG image. In this case, you get what you’re given.


Animation Powerpoint

There are many great applications for Microsoft PowerPoint, from creating displays to creating your animations! PowerPoint Animation uses drawing tools, slides, and personalized animation to create your games or even movies!

But what exactly is Custom Animation? This is a series of effects that are applied to Microsoft PowerPoint objects for animated slide shows. They are added to custom animation functions or using Visual Basic for Applications, also known as VBA. Another amazing feature available to PC users is the animation launch, which allows animators to apply effects that can be triggered when clicking on an object in a slide show.

Microsoft PowerPoint is usually taught in schools, and as part of student learning, they usually learn to create slides with simple personalized animation. Techniques such as animation triggers and hyperlinks are usually at a higher level. Hyperlinks can be used with PowerPoint to document or link two pages to a tagged object or web site.

With Hyperlink and Animation Trigger, you can create games using question-answer manoeuvring tools. Using such concepts, the animator can also create more complex games, such as dungeons and dragons. The animator simply creates a domain where the player decides to go right, left, or take objects.

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